The solution to the road toll industry’s biggest hurdle: The collection of tolls from untagged vehicles.

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The Collection Problem

With the Toll industry eliminating roadside payments and toll booths, there are significant shortcomings to collecting untagged user tolls.

Our solution focuses on providing an easy payment method for untagged toll road drivers which generate nearly 20% of collections. 

The cost and effort for toll road authorities to collect this 20% is high and leads to additional fees for untagged drivers. 

For the untagged drivers, all-electronic tolling makes it harder for them to pay their toll bills.


Percentage of Untagged Driver Collections

Current Collection Process

The current process has not kept up with technological advances. Failure to collect revenue from untagged users is one of the toll industries biggest problems.


Percentage of Untagged Revenue Uncollected

Untagged Revenue

The toll industry continues to fail in collecting revenue from untagged users resulting in a 50% revenue loss.

Bond Covenants

These failures undermine the State legislatures and local toll agencies ability to collect tolls, jeopardizing the toll road’s Bond Covenants.

Untagged toll collection is estimated at $6 Billion per year.

The tapNpay Solution


Our platform allows untagged users to pay directly through their cell phone

Universal Solution

Convenient and accessible for all untagged user demographic groups

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Mobile carriers are the pay agents, improving the collection process